5x7 on high quality watercolor paper. Color matched to the original by a Houston-area artist.


Studio Angel story:

Many of my collage pieces, weavings and heARTs begin with free painting on a large piece of watercolor paper. I don't think about end results, just really focus on listening to my intuition for colors, marks, brush strokes and composition. Much of these free paints are cut and end up in very small strips. After my mom passed away, I was painting and took a step back and noticed the angel wings that had organically formed. All she needed was a head and a halo - and my studio angel was created. The original is not being sold - she lives in my artroom reminding me to paint with my whole heart.


I will only sell 25 of the 8x10 prints and 40 of the 5x7 prints. They are individually signed and numbered.

Studio Angel Print 5x7