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Artist Bio

Alison is an artist in the Houston area with a strong love of color; abstract mixed media; contemporary collage work; and working with resin. She is self-taught and creates her pieces largely through intuition. Her mother, also an artist, definitely influenced Alison through her imaginative approach to using materials in unexpected ways. Alison is particularly drawn to the arrangement, pattern and repetition that comes from deconstructing original artwork and piecing it back together either in a weaving or modern collage. This therapeutic process of free painting, tearing or cutting and then organically reassembling it always surprises her with the outcome, while also offering personal healing time. Alison loves creating works that bring joy and happiness to the viewer but also cause them to take a closer look and try to understand the process and approach.  


Alison has a home based studio work space and a shared studio at The Silos in Sawyer Yards in Houston. She is currently enrolled in the Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston for the 2023 Spring semester in a collage and assemblage course. This spring Alison will be revealing details on a piece of art acquired by a major Houston hospital’s corporate collection that was an area of focus throughout 2022. She graduated from Texas A&M and had the opportunity to spend six months in Italy studying art history. When she is not creating art, Alison is spending time with her husband and their middle and high school boys. 

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